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New Attitudes Project

Are you experiencing emotional challenges or do you know someone who may need help?

The New Attitudes Project offers one-to-one support to young people who have been identified as starting to display anti-social, violent or abusive behaviour. 

The programme is open to young people between the ages of 11 and 16, or up to 18 for those still attending education. 

For the young person to be considered for the programme, they have to be in full-time education. 

This programme is usually carried out on a weekly 1-1 basis within the school environment. The programme runs over 10-12 weeks, excluding any holiday or absences. 

It is only available to young people who live in the Inverclyde area.

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For more information on the New Attitudes Project please contact us on the number below
For more information on our New Attitudes Project please contact us using the numbers below: